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New: the Convoy from Kesseböhmer


Clever storage with a centralised storage unit



Fresh food is automatically stored in a refrigerator; the equivalent for groceries, that don’t need chilling, is Kesseböhmer’s “Convoy”. A Convoy provides one central place in the kitchen where all the groceries can be stored. Big benefits are a clear overview and easy access. Together the refrigerator plus the Convoy create a perfect storage solution. The bonus for kitchen users is less effort and fatigue, and significant savings in time and money.

In a recent study by the TÜV organisation, 87% of the participants said they would like a centralised store cupboard. People were quick to see that it’s the only way you can be sure of finding what you need quickly and easily. Whether you’re baking a cake or preparing lunch, why waste time collecting ingredients from several separate cupboards?

Kesseböhmer, the specialist for functional fittings for kitchen storage units, has the answer – the company developed a fundamentally new type of storage unit.

Two key features make the Convoy absolutely fit for purpose. One is the fact that the user can position each tray steplessly at any height and change its position as required. This means maximum flexibility to adapt to changing lifestyles, or to accommodate larger package sizes. Then there are the transparent tray sides, which make it easy to identify items, read labels and check fill levels. Each tray slides effortlessly up or down, so that it’s easily positioned to accommodate the items to be stored. The (glass) sides allow users an unobstructed view, even into the topmost levels – it’s easy to check contents, fill levels and best-by dates at a glance.

Convoy trays can also do without the glass side galleries altogether, for example, so that bulky items packages can be pulled out sideways and no valuable storage space is wasted to leave adequate clearance above them.

The Convoy is available for units 30 to 60 cm wide. One gentle pull slides the whole Convoy, with its contents, smoothly and easily right out in front of the cabinet. With this completely new design, only the front ends of the cantilevered trays are attached to the single tube frame. As a result, they seem to float. The mechanical systems are practically invisible. Height adjustment – naturally toolless – is very easy.

The runner system, developed especially for Convoy, guarantees great stability and perfectly synchronised movement sequences. Integrated damping means controlled, quiet closing. The damping technology also picks up the opening movement and takes the unit automatically and gentle to the final “open” position. The function of the damping system is absolutely reliable regardless of load.


Source: www.kessebö

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