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For more than 50 years, Nolte Kitchens, based in Loehne, Germany, has stood for quality, service and innovation. The company is now turning the spotlight on new customer groups. They’re aiming to supply kitchens for every room, every budget and every taste. What has been a company guideline for a long time has been transformed into specific designs for different consumer groups. Nolte’s homepage www.nolte-kuechen.de offers kitchens for newcomers, family groups, event managers, connoisseurs and city slickers.

Ralf Jourdan, Nolte Kitchens’ CEO said, “We don’t just develop products; we create concepts for living space. With our target group concept we show that Nolte Kitchens can serve the market in many different ways.” The FreshLine concept with its striking interplay of shapes and colours is an example of kitchen design targeted at first-time kitchen buyers. FreshLine offers the new LUX lacquer front in eight colours. It’s a real eye-catcher.

Gloss and colour

Open shelves in 18 carcase colours plus orange, viola and lemon, harmonising or contrasting with the LUX fronts, offer more options for giving a kitchen living room flair. Characteristic of lacquer laminate, the finish used for the fronts, is the extremely smooth high-gloss surface, highly resistant to scratching and damage. These fronts are made from wood-based boards coated with high gloss lacquer.

And whoever said that kitchens are restricted to monochrome surfaces? Another highlight of the new concept is a glass splashback with a brilliant photo print that adds a touch of vivid colour. There’s a choice of photos, from fresh fruit or lavender blossoms to atmospheric landscapes.

Ideas and inspiration at: www.nolte-kuechen.de

Source: Nolte Küchen GmbH & Co. KG