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Wood must be the world's oldest renewable raw material. It's also always been a source of energy
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The history of cooking parallels the development of the human race. Our ancestors soon found out
A lot of modern kitchens lack a central unit to store groceries, to parallel the fridge for fresh
Well-planned kitchens today almost always include wall units with lift-up fronts, rather than

GEFU gadgets for perfect salads

There are some indispensable kitchen gadgets that will save you time and give your meals that professional touch. And this applies to salads as much as anything. Consider these three practical helpers form GEFU.

COLINO strainer

14 cm high, holding 4 litres the COLINO is a generous-sized strainer for washing salad and draining pasta or rice. The holes in the bottom and sides are positioned for optimal straining. Three feet make sure the COLINO stands securely and the large and practical handles make sure that you always have a safe grip on it. The stainless steel strainer is naturally dishwasher-safe and it looks so good you could hang it up to decorate your kitchen!

DUO egg cutter

This is a good-looking, contemporary egg cutter which will cut hardboiled eggs either crossways into even slices or lengthways into six even-sized. Whether you're making salads, open sandwiches, or plates of starters, the DUO is a fast, flexible kitchen tool. Naturally, it's also dishwasher safe.


This pourer will fit on any bottle neck with an inner diameter of 15-20. mm. The pourer opens and closes automatically. It makes sure that liquid always flows smoothly, e.g. from vinegar and oil bottles. Made of silicone and plastic, it's dishwasher-safe. The AUTOMATICO is the perfect drip-free system for preparing great salads.

Kitchen tools from GEFU The perfect blend of function, design and quality.

GEFU is always good for a surprise when it comes to unusual ideas and innovations for a creative, modern kitchen. One thing is sure – choosing a GEFU kitchen tool or gadget means choosing the perfect combination of functionality, good design and quality manufacturing. GEFU products are durable and ultra-easy to use. And they have that certain something that turns users into fans.


GEFU turns everyone into a culinary artist.


More information at www.gefu.com

Source: GEFU Pressebüro