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The first biologically degradable cat toilet
saves time and effort

What today’s contemporary cats really want is less plastic in the home and more natural and sustainable products.  Poopy Pets, a young Dutch company, is supplying some of these needs with the first completely biologically degradable cat toilet – called Poopy Cat. It will set cats purring – and cat owners will appreciate it too. The box is made of recycled cardboard and the highly absorbent litter from fir tree fibres. Once a week, all you need to do is put the whole thing in the rubbish and unpack a new one. No emptying, no cleaning, no smell. More time to sit stroking your purring pet. And if you decide on a regular subscription, replacement Poopy Cats will be delivered and you no longer have to lug heavy bags of cat litter.

Poopy Pets has set its sights not only on making the world a cleaner place, but also on making the lives of cat owners and their pets easier, pleasanter and more environmentally friendly. Poopy Cat is the biologically degradable alternative to conventional cat toilets. You’ll like it because it’s practical and also because of the witty design. Just the thing for cool cats and cuddly kitties. Unpacking the box and setting it up is quick and easy – the litter is already inside. The fibrous litter is a by-product of wood processing and it’s extremely absorbent. In contact with cat urine, the fibres disintegrate to a fine sand that collects in the bottom of the box.

Thanks to the characteristics of the litter, cat droppings dry out faster, thus avoiding unpleasant smells. The cardboard scoop, included with each box, helps with hygienically disposal. Once a week the old  Poopy Cat is simply dumped in the organic rubbish bin and replaced with a fresh new one. Poopy Cat is available in packs of four from, where you can also find out more about the practical subscription service.

Background information

Thomas Vles had the idea for Poopy Cat in 2012 as he caught his cat doing its business in a bag of cat litter. It dawned on him that his cat didn’t associate the cat toilet itself with the place to relieve itself, but rather the litter. He got the idea for the 100 percent biologically degradable Poopy Cats and in 2013 together with his business partner, Rick Passenier, he created a product based on this idea. Today around 5,000 cats are already using this practical alternative to conventional cat toilets. Other purrful products are currently in development.

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Source: sieben&siebzig GmbH

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