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If you want to use your storage space as efficiently as possible and at the same time have easy access to all the contents, then a Tandem fitting from Kesseböhmer, the German kitchen storage specialists is the answer. It’s certainly worth investigating.


The smaller the kitchen, the more important it is to use the available storage space effectively. Research by home economics experts has shown that even in new-build kitchens the storage space allowance is about 20% too small. You can usually counter this drawback by planning and organising your storage carefully. Two things are important: one is to store as much food and kitchen equipment as possible, almost more important is that you can easily find and retrieve every item. Today you’re lucky to have a good choice of interior fittings which meet both these criteria and with variants for every type of cupboard – from corner units, to base and wall units and highboards. One very attractive and practical fitting that more than meets these criteria is the Tandem from the German fittings specialist Kesseböhmer. Tandem fittings are available for a range of cabinet widths. The Tandem Depot is a double fitting. It offers huge storage volume behind two doors and users can easily access the entire contents of the generous door and pull-out shelves.


The secret of this success lies in the unique Tandem technology. With a Tandem, the depth of the kitchen unit is split between the door shelf (the front section) and the pull-out shelf (the back section). The door shelf moves out with the opening door and, at the same time, the back section is automatically pulled forward into easy reach. Users can see the whole contents of the unit at a glance and easily reach any item they want.


There’s not much risk that you pack so much into a Tandem that you overload it, because a Tandem is designed to hold 25 kg in the door shelf and 60 kg in the back section. An added bonus is the SoftStopp damping, which makes sure the doors close softly and gently.


The optical impact of the fittings inside your kitchen units is also very important. Kesseböhmer offers a choice of attractive designs. Kitchen buyers can choose, for example, between chrome-plated wire baskets and wooden trays with either Arena Classic or Arena Style edgebanding and galleries.


You’ll find more information and a wide choice of storage solutions at www.kessebö


Author: Kristina Grote

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