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Wood must be the world's oldest renewable raw material. It's also always been a source of energy
What kitchen owner, regardless of age or lifestyle, is going to say, "I don't need a more
The history of cooking parallels the development of the human race. Our ancestors soon found out
A lot of modern kitchens lack a central unit to store groceries, to parallel the fridge for fresh
Storage space is in short supply in many kitchens. Installing wall units above the worktop is one
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FREElift: Kesseböhmer's lifter family

Well-planned kitchens today almost always include wall units with lift-up fronts, rather than hinged doors. There are several good reasons for this trend. One is that lift-up front panels are simply safer than hinged doors – there's no risk of bumping your head on an open door. A lot of people cook with cupboard doors open and if the front panel lifts up away from head height, the risk of a painful collision is eliminated. Advanced engineering makes sure that the "lifter" fittings which raise and lower the front panels function smoothly and effortlessly. There's one more big benefit, quite apart from safety and effortless movement, and this is full access to all the contents of the wall unit.

Perfect solutions for every kitchen and every

Storage-fittings specialist Kesseböhmer has developed a whole family of lifters – the FREElift fittings – for different opening options, including folding, parallel lifting and swing-up. There's an optimal solution for every kitchen and application. Kesseböhmer are experts in storage fittings, so that the name stands for absolutely smooth and effortless opening and closing movements. A new damping system, which operates in both directions, ensures that the front comes to a controlled stop whether it's opening or closing. All four lifter types are fitted with Multi-Position STOPP (MPS) as standard. This means that the opening and closing movements can be stopped reliably and securely in any position. So, if you simply want to grab something from the lowest shelf, you can simply open the front part way.

Handleless fronts and electrically-assisted

Electric opening and closing – at the touch of a button – makes using wall units even easier. Electric opening has proved ergonomically effective especially for wall units and combined with handleless front panels. Light fingertip pressure is enough to start the front panel moving.


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Author: Charlotte Farber-Hemeling

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