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TouchControl – because handles are history

The “Open Sesame” effect

When we say “Please knock”, we’re not talking about good manners. We’re talking about design and convenience – and the “Dispensa” larder pull-out fitted with a TouchControl electric opening system. Because handles are history!

A lot of users like the sleek look of no-handle kitchen fronts – and find they’re also exemplary in terms of user-friendliness, thanks to electrically-assisted opening. In a lot of contemporary kitchens, electric opening is already standard. Whether you’re opening a fully-loaded larder pull-out, an extra-wide base unit pull-out or a sophisticated lifter in a wall unit – just knock gently and start the “open sesame” experience. It’s hard to imagine more stylish ease of use.

A great example of contemporary kitchen design is the “Dispensa” larder pull-out with TouchControl from Kesseböhmer. Worn and greasy knobs are passé. The pull-out fascinates users with its smooth, uninterrupted surface. And it doesn’t simply look elegant, it’s also very easy to clean and care for. Opening a Dispensa is simplicity itself: simply knock gently anywhere on the front to activate the electric motor. The pull-out immediately glides open.

TouchControl opening works whether you knock high or low, left or right, because the sensor picks up the signal from anywhere on the front panel and transmits it to the electric motor. Accidental opening is technically prevented. The movement of the Dispensa is automatically adjusted to the load in the pull-out – electric opening functions effortlessly whether the pull-out is almost empty or fully loaded.

The Dispensa is closed with a gentle push, which causes the damped pull-out to glide gently and quietly back into the unit. Kesseböhmer’s Dispensa larder pull-out earned the TÜV certificate “highly recommended”. Read more here. There’s more information about TouchControl here.

Author: Hendrik Jürgens;  Source: Kesseböhmer

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