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Design options

Often, a room will not offer just one design option, but several different ways of planning the layout and utilising the available space. You should consider these options in the run-up to the planning phase and design the room in accordance with your personal preferences.


The following example highlights these different possibilities. Introducing a bit of flexibility into the installation provides a great deal of design scope.

The connection to the water supply is in the top left-hand corner. It is left in exactly the same place in just one of these designs; in all the others its position is moved very slightly. The electrical installations vary from case to case. The two windows mean the room is very bright. The radiators underneath the windows remain fully functional in two of the designs and in the others one radiator must be removed.


provides a great deal of storage space thanks to the variety of larder units. Placing the larder units in a slanted position in the entrance area makes the room feel lighter and more airy. The dining area is placed at the heart of things, in the middle of the room.


sees the room divided into two different areas by the peninsula. The room is cleverly split into a compact kitchen where everything is close together and there is plenty of work surface, and the separate dining area. The peninsula becomes the focal point of the room. The wall in the dining area can be used to give additional storage space. If there is enough space, you could even use a double larder unit such as the TANDEM Depot to replace an entire storage room.


emphasises the peninsula with hob and the attached dining area, which becomes the communicative hub of the room. The room seems larger because the windows are unobstructed. The peninsula divides the room into two zones, linked by the island and dining area.


allows both corners of a generously sized work and storage surface to be utilised. Corner units are the ideal way of using these areas as storage space. There is a separate dining area, with enough space to make it larger, if necessary. The slanted position means the larder units do not look so imposing.


puts the dining area at the heart of things, which in this case is between the two windows, where it will benefit from the most daylight. This gives you the freedom to use the dining area however you want. The L-shaped kitchen provides sufficient work surface and storage space.