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Planning a kitchen


Whether open-plan or enclosed, a modern kitchen should make you feel relaxed and at home. Today, many kitchen users want an open-plan room that chimes with their understanding of contemporary living.


In such cases, an island is often worked into the design of the kitchen to divide the room up and give some structure to the open-plan space. An open-plan, live-in kitchen ensures the cook is not kept apart from any guests and can keep an eye on the children as they play.

A kitchen layout of this type therefore enables someone to cook whilst talking to visitors at the same time. It also allows guests to get involved, so friends can all cook together. With an island, which provides very few options for storage, it is particularly important when planning your kitchen to ensure sufficient storage space is made available. A larder unit or a pull-out larder, for example, could be placed up against the wall to make up for the lack of storage space in the island itself.

Tip: When designing a kitchen, the relationship between the kitchen and the dining area must always be taken into account too. Food and dishes are often taken to and fro between the dining and storage areas.

For this reason, you should make sure that the distance between the two is not too long. If you have a separate dining area that is not in the kitchen, you should make sure that meals do not have to be carried too far to reach the table.

The kitchen should be in an adjacent room and accessible from the dining room via a serving hatch or connecting door.

Both open-plan and enclosed kitchens should always be near to the main entrance wherever possible, so that shopping bags do not have to be carried too far around the home. Our list of kitchen planning questions will also help you to make the best use of your available space.