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The "modum: 8:10" from HUF HAUS

The new “modum” line of prefabricated houses combines design-oriented living with extremely flexible layouts as an intelligent solution especially good for small plots and town houses. The tradition-rich company is again utilising the results of technical progress. The HUF house modum: 8:10 is a plus-energy home, in other words, it generates more energy from renewable sources than will be consumed within the house itself.

New thinking. New lifestyles.

The new “modum:” line of prefabricated homes was developed for prospective homeowners who want to realise their personal dream of building their own home without having to compromise on quality, individuality or design in order to save costs. modum: is a style of post and beam architecture, the modern equivalent of half-timbered houses. modum is an intelligent, modular system that can be fitted just as effectively onto a compact piece of ground in a city as onto a generous piece of ground in the country. Each home is planned individually for the prospective owner, focussing on how the family will be using the space. This is why HUF HAUS does not work with fixed layouts; the sample layouts give an idea of the many options available.

Clever division of space with optimal
practical benefits

The show house in Europe’s most up-to-date home exhibition shows how barely 180 m² floorspace can be planned to serve the daily requirements of a family. The visitor enters the house through the generous entrance area (with cloakroom area and guest toilet) and moves into the heart of the living area. The kitchen area with cherry-coloured glass fronts and an elegant bar directly adjoins the dining area, which creates a very open and transparent effect with windows right down to the floor and open ceilings. With over 30 m² of living area, the living room provides enough space to relax, entertain and enjoy. On the upper floor, an open gallery links the parent’s room – with its walk-in wardrobe and its own wellness bath – with the children’s room which also has an en suite shower. The light and airy reading corner in the gallery area and the generous guestroom on the ground floor creates extra room and makes intelligent use of the living space.

Looking to the future

The high-performance photovoltaic system produces clean electricity – and not only for the family’s use. The Plus-Energy house is connected with an intelligent power grid away from the exhibition and excess power is fed into it a redox flow battery where it is stored and released as required.

Fast build – complete service

It doesn’t take long to build a modum: house. Part of the reason for the exceptionally smooth and fast build is that HUF HAUS supplies all the fittings and fixtures, together with a full advisory and consulting service. From the technology to the fitted kitchen, the company will help the home builder to choose and plan all the fittings and fixtures. On request, the company will also draw up regenerative energy concepts for your home.

More information and products at www.huf-haus.com.