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The kitchen and living room are the most important rooms in the house. Traditionally, kitchens have been used more by women than men, but today men are taking on a bigger share of kitchen work and cooking.


People, usually women but increasingly men, spend on average around 2 hours a day in the kitchen.


The part the kitchen plays in our lives has changed radically over the years, with wide swings in functionality. Think of the old farmhouse kitchens, which were big, compared with other rooms in the house. The main feature was the kitchen table, used for all sorts of activities. The family spent much of its time in the kitchen and it was furnished for comfort and practicality.

In the course of time, the trend was towards small, highly functional built-in kitchens. They were often small, rather sterile rooms used only for cooking and washing up, usually by one person working alone. These kitchens seem to have been modelled on laboratories and they were far from cosy.

Today, the pendulum has swung back again towards bigger, more welcoming, multifunctional kitchens with strongly personalised interior design.

Today’s kitchens combine high efficiency with great comfort which makes them very attractive places to spend time. The eating area again has central importance and it’s either integrated in the kitchen or immediately adjacent to it. This means that kitchens are bigger and usually open to the living area.

Kitchen Layouts

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