Kitchen Layouts

The layout you decide on
will always depend on the
space you have available. more...


The kitchen and the living room are the most important rooms in the house. Conventionally, women still use the kitchen more than men, although nowadays more and more men are discovering the kitchen and the joy of cooking for themselves.


A housewife or househusband will spend an average of two hours in the kitchen every day.

The kitchen as a living space has changed drastically over the last few decades, adapting
to the requirements of the times. In years gone by there was the live-in kitchen, which was not
particularly functional.


This room was relatively large and had a central dining area. It was popular as the centre of family life and furnished in a cosy style.
This was followed by the era of the functional fitted kitchen, which was not very comfortable at all.

Such kitchens were often small, sterile rooms that were purely used to prepare food. These kitchens had all the character of a laboratory or a workshop. Today’s kitchen attempts to marry a range of different aspects and is characterised by a very individual look.


It is extremely functional but also comfortable enough that you enjoy spending time there. The dining area is of the utmost importance and can be found right next to the kitchen. Consequently, this means that the room is either bigger, or the kitchen opens out into the living room.

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