Third kitchen zone, “Preparation”

The obvious question is whether or not you really need a large work surface in a modern kitchen. After all, the number of ready meals and convenience foods available on the market has risen continuously over the past few years.

This trend does seem unstoppable. But by contrast, a trend towards preparing proper meals from scratch has also developed. Home cooks are much more interested in producing sophisticated dishes than they used to be. They are using foods made from natural ingredients and preparing them carefully. This doesn’t happen every day, there’s no time for that, but on certain days the kitchen will not only be used by one single cook, but by a few people all cooking together. Food preparation then becomes a communal event, with people cooking together, eating together and then sitting together for a chat.

To enable this to happen, kitchens are having to become bigger or be opened up into the living room. The modern cook is extremely competent at switching between ready meals and nouvelle cuisine and he or she will use the kitchen for both. When preparing meals with fresh ingredients, vegetables, salads, etc. water will usually be required. This is why the preparation area should be to the left and right of the sink, leading on to the hob at the right-hand side. You must make sure that several things are available in the direct vicinity of the preparation area:

  • Sufficient places to store utensils in drawers and on midway systems. Pans are best kept on a carousel such as the Revo, or you could use other corner solutions such as the LeMans or the MagicCorner.
  • Sufficient sockets and good lighting that does not blind the user.
  • Additional chopping boards made from wood or plastic, depending on the material of the work surface.
  • A generously sized waste bin within reach.
  • A seated working area for longer periods. 


You will find more information about other areas of the kitchen in the sections titled
Food storage, Dishwashing and Cooking.

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