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The position of the kitchen


There are many factors that determine the quality of a kitchen. The kitchen should be well connected to the other rooms in the house or flat.


If you want to use the kitchen as a living area, you should think about what times of day you will use the room and whether you will need natural light to come in. The traditional east-facing kitchen will only benefit from daylight in the morning, whilst a south-facing one will be brighter, more welcoming and flooded with daylight for a much longer part of the day.

An open-plan kitchen, complete with living and dining areas, that is used as a living space throughout the day has quite different demands in terms of architecture and the way in which the room is divided up. The kitchen is the hub of the family home and can be adapted to individual needs and, if necessary, the orientation of the house.


If you are flexible in planning how rooms will be divided up it will be sure to pay off, as you will be able to intervene early in the construction phase to make any corrections and adjust the designs to your needs. Owner-occupiers have a lot of freedom to design their homes in a way that will make the kitchen a more attractive place in which to spend time. The most restricted group in terms of what they can do is without doubt the tenants of flats or houses who must use clever planning to compensate for the shortcomings of a poor layout.