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Tips on planning a kitchen

Are you planning on buying a new kitchen in the not too distant future? Then you should bear the following points in mind when designing it:


There must be enough sockets near to the main working area and in the storage zones, as you will need them for all your small appliances.

Think about how your work surfaces and cupboards will be lit. The light should be pleasantly bright, maybe even dimmable, and should not be glaring, if at all possible.

It is good to place larder units and large refrigerators next to one another. By centralising your food storage space in this way, you will save yourself a lot of walking to and fro, not to mention time spent searching for things, since all your food is in one place in the kitchen. Also, larder units do not seem as bulky when placed next to each other as they do standing separately.

Plan in a space to set down heavy shopping bags right next to the food storage area. This space can then be used as a food preparation area when cooking.

Position the main work surface near to the sink if you often work with fresh ingredients.

The hob and sink should not be too far apart, so you will not have to carry heavy pans of water too far across the kitchen.

Think about your individual preferences and work them into your plan accordingly.

Make use of corner units, which utilise storage space in full and in line with ergonomic principles. The LeMans is the best solution here: whether it’s with two shelves, or the Highboard version with four, the corner space is used in the best possible way. Because the shelves swing all the way out of the cupboard, everything is perfectly accessible and clear to see. All that tedious crawling into cupboards will be a distant memory.