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Work surfaces


The space required to move about in the kitchen will depend to a large extent on the habits of those using it.


If you only ever work in the kitchen alone, a smaller space in which to move about in a galley kitchen may be sufficient. However, if you often spend time in the kitchen with a partner or other members of the household cooking together, having enough space to move around becomes a real issue. The space between items of furniture and units should be large enough for two people to pass one another without any difficulty, which equates to a width of 120 cm.


The main work surface should be sufficiently large and near to the sink: this is particularly important if you often prepare fresh foods. You should also ensure that the distance to your food storage area is very short, as you will have to make this journey time and time again. A crucial factor when deciding how big your work surface should be is the way in which you prepare food, for example, do you work alone or with another person?


This work surface should lead on to the hob. There should be a minimum of 60 to 90 cm of work surface between the sink and the hob. The work surface should not be any smaller than this because a lot of important tasks are carried out here, nor should it be any larger because otherwise the distance between the sink and the hob would become too great and you would be forced to carry heavy pans of water, for example, too far across the kitchen.


It should also be taken into account whether you are left or right-handed. For a right-handed person it is better to have the draining board on the left-hand side and the basin on the right-hand side of the sink. In line with this, kitchen designers place the sink to the left of the hob for right-handed people, with the work surface in between.


Ideally, storage units should be positioned near to the main work surface. A good place could be to the left of the sink, for example, since another work surface is found there, which would provide the user with a place to set down items as they were taken out of the storage unit. It makes particularly good sense to combine the fridge and storage unit, preferably in the form of a pull-out larder, at the same place. This means all your food, whether dry or chilled, would be available in one spot, thus saving you from walking around the kitchen to collect things. There should be a space and room to move of at least 30 cm to the left and right of the hob and the sink. This ensures that you can work without a hitch and furniture cannot be damaged by unwanted heat or humidity, for example.