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The premium brand allmilmö at the Küchenmeile A30 trade fair on the Böckel Estate

Allmilmö, a premium supplier in the kitchen sector, located in Zeil am Main, in central Germany, stands for highest quality, unique design and innovative fittings inside the units – all “Made in Germany”. allmilmö exhibited some of its products at the Küchenmeile A30 trade show, after exhibiting for 5 years in the house4kitchen, this year at the new location on the Böckel Estate in Rödinghausen. This location, which has the special flair of an historic chateau and estate makes a fascinating background for displaying the latest kitchen industry innovations. The focus of the allmilmö stand was on new models, new surfaces and innovative fittings inside the kitchen units.

Modern ART Verticon and Horizon

As a relaunch, allmilmö showed three examples of its highly successful Modern ART product line. This design features stainless steel transverse bands which underline the ultra-modern shapes and uncompromisingly streamlined designs. Where previously the horizontal and vertical lines were broken by unavoidable joints, the innovative continuous line of the metal bands draws the fronts together into an impressive whole. The bands can be inset horizontally (Horizon) in base units and wall units, ensuring that the entire front looks all of a piece. In addition, for the first time, the company also offers a vertical alternative (Verticon) for highboards and other tall units. The new transverse bands are available as flat profiles in stainless steel, white and black, and as a diamond coating for other front panel colours. This eliminates unattractive colour variations, so that the kitchen makes the maximum impact as a perfect unit.

The company showed various front panel finishes – Contura diamond lacquer in white, Milano Nuovo E ash grey, with elegant horizontal structuring in a wood finish, and in NATURA genuine wooden lacquer, stained black.

With Contura, a model with characteristic wave-shaped fronts, the sides are newly designed with rounded shapes, a perfect match to the wave structure. The wall-mounted base units and the cooking island appear light and almost floating. With the rounded sides, allmilmö has brought this design classic right into the mainstream of contemporary kitchen design.

In the melamine resin version too, Modern ART meets exacting design criteria; the model Milano Nuovo E in wood finish with the grain running horizontally is a good example. The new variant, with a vertical door opening (Verticon) for highboards, rounds off the product portfolio.

The third model in the company’s Modern ART series has NATURA fronts. It has Verticon-design highboards. The fronts are genuine wood veneer, with the grain of the wood exquisitely worked so that the surface appears three dimensional.

New in the Design ART product range

In this range, allmilmö showed the GATTER front design with a saw-cut veneer together with two new melamine resin fronts, SURF and NADIR, together with RIVA fronts in four high-gloss Polygloss colours and the VASO all-glass front available in four shades.

GATTER features an extraordinary and striking veneer with the saw-cut strips of veneer offset to create an attractive ripple pattern. The resulting herringbone pattern gives this model its unique impact. Available colours are natural wood, natural with white-stained pores and natural with black-stained pores.
Naturally, these veneers have been specially coated to perform perfectly in the kitchen and meet all expectations for easy cleaning, perfect haptics and resistance to chemicals and other environmental influences.

With its white SURF front panels, allmilmö is continuing the popular tradition of a wave-type surface graining. The company offers not only the painted front models Contura and Wave, with this type of surface, but also the new SURF model, featuring melamine resin fronts in a lower price category. SURF is also available with a diamond lacquer finish. Painted fronts are naturally available in the full colour palette.

The NADIR version in white is another model with a structured surface. The characteristic graining gives the fronts their elegantly contemporary appearance, exactly in line with current trends. The edgebands harmonise perfectly with the front decors. Available coating variants are the same as SURF.

Larder pull-outs CONVOY Centro / CONVOY Lavido

As the new standard for central grocery storage, allmilmö has decided to equip its larder pull-outs with the new and innovative pull-out system CONVOY Centro from Kesseböhmer. Supplied as an individual solution, especially for allmilmö, and with its chrome-plated flat band galleries it fits perfectly into the look of all other allmilmö  kitchen unit interiors.

Anti-slip tray surfaces ensure that unit contents stay securely in place however quickly the pull-out is opened. The fittings are strikingly attractive and above all practical. The trays are attached to a central support post, itself fixed to the inner side of the door panel. Users can adjust the height steplessly and easily. In all 30 and 45 cm wide allmilmö larder units, the indispensable storage space can now be used more effectively and individually than ever before.

allmilmö fits Lavido, another fitting from Kesseböhmer’s CONVOY family, into its hinged-door units. With Centro, the fitting slides out as the unit door is opened. With Lavido, door opening and fitting movement are separate. Once the door has been opened, one gentle pull slides the CONVOY Lavido right out in front of the unit. This gives very easy access to contents from three sides.

Both the CONVOY Centro and the CONVOY Lavido can be seen and tried out firsthand in the allmilmö showroom.


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