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Great success for Green Village

When the GREEN VILLAGE closed its doors on Sunday, April 13, it had been visited by close to forty thousand people. The Green Village concept, the focus of this strong interest, was one of the innovations premiered during the latest Fuorisalone – Milan Design Week 2014 (April 8 to 13, 2014). It was basically an eco-village, set up in the heart of Tortona area at Superstudio 13, and designed completely according to a new concept of home and hospitality, with a strong focus on sustainable well-being and the principles of Vastu, the ancient Indian Vedic tradition of living.

Designed by the architect and design studio Io Abito Bio in cooperation with Vastu Architecture & Design Studio, the Green Village was divided into seven sections: home, food, children, well-being, sustainable mobility, alternative energy and eco-conscious tourism. The overall layout represented the "flower of life" and this exhibition for the first time brought together a group of companies that put careful innovation and environmental sustainability at the heart of their products and services.

CLEVER STORAGE BY KESSEBӦHMER was present at the Green Village in the FOOD area with a number of products designed to accessorize the kitchen in an intelligent and functional way. This included the new larder units, Convoy Premio and Convoy Lavido, and solutions for under-counter cabinets like Dispensa Junior and Comfort.

All the Clever Storage products from Kessebӧhmer feature high quality design and aim to support planners and end-users to make best use of the available space. Adaptability, good ergonomics, easy cleaning and maximum access to the stored items mean that planners and users can make the most of even tight spaces or areas that are awkward to reach. The end result is more comfort and a kitchen that is a pleasure to be in and use.

Visit the app on our website to see all the Kesseböhmer solutions!

Also exhibiting in this part of the Green Village were companies like: POLARIS CUCINE CONTEMPORANEE, which presented its exclusive "Paperwood" the first kitchen for raw vegan foodists, designed by the collaboration of Aris Architects, Io Abito Bio, Clever Storage and chef Elena Dal Forno; ALCE NERO, the brand name for an association of over a thousand farmers and beekeepers engaged in producing good food, healthy fruit and vegetables through farming methods that respect the Earth; FUTURE POWER which was showcasing several natural and biodegradable products derived from rice husks, including VIPOT vessels; ELEMENTI BY CAF, with a range of furniture and other products made of aluminium, which is a highly recyclable and ductile material.

Of particular interest to visitors was also SOLIGNO RUBNER, with his Suite No. 22, a module of 60 square meters of pure wood, the prototype of a new concept for sustainable hospitality and tourism; FLOWERSSORI, a manufacturer of children's furniture inspired by Montessori teaching methods, presented "the bed that grows with the child" and MOLO, showing chairs, lamps, furniture and room dividers made chiefly of paper.

There were also numerous events hosted in partnership with green companies and non-profit organizations, such as  ActionAid, an international NGO with the theme "I eat everything. No food in the garbage". This aimed at educating children to be responsible world citizens focusing on the issue of the right to food and the fight against waste. Siteb, Impresa Bacchi and Legambiente presented "The challenge of green street," a compendium of projects, technologies and innovative processes to improve the environment and quality of life on the streets and in the open spaces of urban areas.

Among the star turns on the programme were cookery demonstrations by Elena Dal Forno and Simone Salvini. Elena Dal Forno is a vegan raw food chef, the only Italian woman "Certified Raw Gourmet Chef" and founder of Adorawble Ltd, the first company in Italy to produce raw food finished with Italian products. Simone Salvini, specialises in vegetarian natural haute cuisine and is Executive Chef of the "Organic Academy" he demonstrated and talked about "The new vegetarian ideas."

We should also mention the "marathon of ideas for organic food": Bibimbap presented by Alce Nero and the Future Food Institute You Can Group, in cooperation with Nick Difino, the meeting with the architect and spiritual researcher Fiammetta Parola, in cooperation with Sashikala Ananth, who presented "The Vastu, Vedic tradition of living as a conscious response to changing needs and lifestyles” and photographic projects by Ermanno Ivone on show during the Green Village.