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Sparkling clean with minimum effort


Easy-care sinks made of stainless steel, Silgranit and ceramic

You may enjoy cooking, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy cleaning up afterwards. Modern, high-quality brand sinks made of stainless steel, Silgranit or ceramic make cleaning up easier. They not only offer extremely practical functions and contemporary designs, but are also very easy to keep clean. And for the worst case, there are special care and cleaning products, matched to the different sink materials, which will effortlessly remove any stains.

It’s important to remember that dirt or discolouration, such as juice, tea or coffee stains, are not deposited directly on the surface of the sink itself. Rather, they bind to the lime scale which the water left on the surface. Depending on the water’s hardness grade, unsightly stains will be created more or less quickly. “For this reason, whatever your sink is made of, it is advisable to regularly remove dirt and lime scale residues from the sink surface by applying some detergent and water and then drying off the surface. Because ‘easy-care’ doesn’t automatically mean ‘no-care’”, explains Oliver Müller, Customer Service Manager at Blanco.


Keeping a sink clean all the time is nonetheless easy. Specially developed care products are recommended for intensive cleaning and to freshen up the surface. “Blancopolish”, for instance, removes light usage stains on stainless steel sinks and prevents finger marks and re-staining, giving the sink a brilliant sheen. Water runs off effortlessly and it.

If you want to add colour accents to your kitchen, we recommend a sink made of the innovative material “Silgranit PuraDur II”. This modern composite material, which consists predominately of natural stone, offers maximum ease of care. Regular cleaning, for example, with a damp sponge, replenishes water-repellent active ingredients in the surface. On the surface they form a permanent protective layer resistant to lime residues and stains.

Ceramic sinks are naturally easy to care for. In addition, some models are supplied finished with an extra sealant, “PuraPlus”. PuraPlus has a water repellent effect, which prevents lime residues and stains from forming on the surface. These sinks are simply cleaned with water and detergent, then rinsed off and wiped with a microfibre cloth. Further information about sink care is available at as well as from qualified kitchen and furniture retailers.

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