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Free – ultra-compact and ultra-convenient


Free II is a new version of a versatile flap fitting, with improved product details and a completely revised “Free” concept. There are two variants for different front panel weight ranges.
The opening angle of 90 or 100o can be altered without tools at any time, even after installation, via the integrated angle limiter. The precision-set opening force makes opening the front flap a special experience. End-users will appreciate the effortless movement and the fact that the front panel can be stopped in any position. Integrated damping means soft and silent closing. Free II is an exception in Kesseböhmer’s Lifter family, because it can also be used with very small front flaps – from 250 mm high. This makes Free II a wonderful solution for high cupboards, for example, above the fridge or the oven. The new version is also quicker and easier to fit and it can be precisely adjusted.


Some family members: Senso | Verso | Strato | Ewiva


There’s more information on the Kesseböhmer Lifter family here.

And you can download a brochure here.

Free II

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