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Always the right choice: can openers from GEFU!

It's a surprising fact that canning was invented 40 years before the can opener. How did they open those cans? Nowadays, of course, most homes will have at least one can opener. Can openers come in a choice of styles and shapes and everyone has their favourite. One person will prefer traditional models, other people go for force transfer with drive wheels or high-tech electronics. One thing you should be able to expect of any can opener is that it should remove the lid cleanly and make the contents of the can readily accessible without too much force being needed. GEFU offers a hand-operated model for every taste.

Traditional-style can opener

This classic can opener has a hardened metal toothed wheel and a specially sharpened blade. The result is a tool that will open both large and small cans without problems. The  integrated lid lifter is an extra bonus.

CANDO can opener

This stylish can opener, developed by invivodesign, can be used easily by right- and left-handed users. The patented cutting tool opens the lid safely and easily leaving no sharp edges. The lid can be fitted back again precisely to store any unused contents safely. the ergonomic grip and the pincer function to remove the lid make it utterly simple to remove the lid. The CANDO is sure to become a very popular household tool.

Pincer can opener

The pincer can opener with its turning cutting wheel is driven almost effortlessly by the ergonomically shaped drive wheel. Both the blade and the wheel are made of hardened steel to guarantee a clean cut. The stainless steel engraving gives this can opener an elegant look. This opener has a lid lifter for levering off lids and a sharp point for piercing vacuum closures.

Functionality, design and quality

Choosing a GEFU kitchen tool or gadget means choosing the perfect combination of functionality, good design and quality manufacturing. GEFU products are durable, ultra-easy to use and they have that certain something that turns users into fans.

More information and products at www.gefu.com