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Magnetic knife block made of thermobeech

High-quality knives will last a lifetime if they’re well cared for, so it’s important to store them securely and safely. If your knives are stored in a drawer, there’s often the risk of damage to the blades.


WÜSTHOF has been making high-quality knives for almost two hundred years. They naturally also make knife holders and knife blocks to hold the knives. The new knife block holds 6 knives with short or long blades. Powerful magnetic strips embedded in the wood hold the knives securely in the slits, but allow them to be taken out easily and with no risk of scratching. Compared with conventional standing knife blocks, this new block is easier to keep clean, because crumbs and dust particles drop straight through. The block can be mounted either vertically of horizontally on the wall.

The secret of the dramatic colouring and the outstanding material properties of the beechwood lies in the heat treatment. Heating the wood to 160 °C changes the molecular structure of the wood; the natural wood sugar, xylose, caramelises, blocking off the pores. As a result, the wood absorbs virtually no moisture. The wood becomes harder and will neither shrink nor swell up. The heat treatment makes the beechwood as durable and tough as the far more expensive tropical woods. All the user needs to do to maintain the colour and quality of the wood is to wipe it from time to time with a natural oil or wax. 

Information about the product: www.wuesthof.de