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New range of knives teams Japanese tradition
with extremely high quality

In a truly masterly fashion, the new Shun Pro Sho range of knives from kai combines classical Japanese design with modern details and high quality materials. The exclusive quality and unique look of the whole range continue the long tradition of kai products and make each knife into a very special tool.

The costly, dark pakka wood handles of Shun Pro Sho knives are shaped to sit perfectly in your hand. The blade, made of VG10 steel ,caries an ornamental design  applied using an innovative etching process. Single-sided grinding makes sure the knives are sharp and precise enough to cut smoothly and easily whatever you’re cutting. These blades live up to their reputation as professional cutting tools.

3 classic shapes

The Deba is traditionally used as a filleting knife and sometimes as a vegetable cleaver in Japanese kitchens. The front section is used to filet fish, the back section is heavier and can be used, for example, to split smaller chicken and fish bones.

The Yanagiba is a traditional slicing knife. With its long, narrow blade it’s capable of producing paper-thin slices. You get a clean cut and a decorative effect.

The Usuba is a classic vegetable knife: with its finely balanced, axe-shaped blade it can also be used to produce all sorts of decorative vegetable shapes. 

The Shun Pro Sho range of knives is now available in Europe via the European subsidiary kai Europe GmbH.

About kai

In fashion, lifestyle and, media Japan is at the leading edge – today Japan, tomorrow the rest of the world. Many Japanese products are hugely popular worldwide. The magic formula for many Japanese lifestyle products is a typically Eastern blend of harmony, minimalism and functionality, paired with outstanding quality. In Japan itself, kai products enjoy a unique degree of recognition that almost equates with cult status. The company was founded in 1908 in Seki and since then has been developing and supplying cutting tools with unsurpassed sharpness and functionality.

More information about kai and its products at www.kai-europe.com