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Non-stick aluminium cookware range from
Le Creuset

Healthy food is on trend today, with light dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, lots of fresh vegetables, fish and other seafood. With the right equipment, even inexperienced cooks can master the delicious food produced by this cooking style with its memories of the most recent seaside holiday. The “right equipment” could mean the non-stick aluminium range from Le Creuset which scores with a clever material mix – aluminium plus a high-quality non-stick coating. It’s ideal for low-fat frying and cooking. To crown it all, Le Creuset, the French premium cookware supplier is offering some new specialty pans. Among the newcomers are a grilling pan and platter, a roaster and a fish pan.

Delightfully uncomplicated

Le Creuset non-stick pans are suitable for all types of hob and they’re also oven-safe. You’ll love the easy handling and the top results you get every time. The robust riveted handles are ergonomically designed for easy gripping under all circumstances. The heat is spread evenly and efficiently, especially important with the BBQ pans which communicate the outdoor feeling optically too. The ribbed cooking surface gives whatever you’re cooking that typical striped pattern.

Filled calamaretti kebabs evoke happy memories of holidays under the hot southern sun – the calamari are filled with a delicious mix of olive oil, onions, garlic, walnuts, rocket and rice, before being threaded onto shashlik sticks, lined up in the rectangular roaster and grilled. Fans of classic dishes are enthusiastic about steaks and vegetables, aromatically flavoured lamb chops, sausages, courgette and aubergine slices crisping on the platter with sprigs of rosemary and thyme scenting the air with that pungent herby flavour that makes you keep coming back for more.

Or try this splendid bake – a whole sea bream with a breadcrumb and shallot topping and baked in the oval fish pan on a bed of garlic, anchovy fillets, capers, olive oil, Mediterranean herbs and white wine!

Le Creuset’s wide range of aluminium non-stick cookware covers all your needs and the long-established company underlines the high quality of its products with a 10-year guarantee.

More information and products at www.lecreuset.de.

Source: Blies PR