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The Autentica range satisfies every wish for coffee –
for mother’s day and any other day

The super compact automatic coffee machines from De’Longhi score with practical direct-choice buttons and new functions. Any one of them is the ideal surprise gift to find on the breakfast table on mother’s day.

The Autentica range of coffee machines have a new doppio+ function – in other words they will make an extra strong double espresso at the touch of a button. Guaranteed to wake up even the sleepiest dad! And for mum what’s nicer than a cappuccino topped with a froth of creamy milk – to enjoy in bed, of course! The top-of-the-range Autentica Cappuccino was rated test winner, scoring Good (2.3), in the comparative tests carried out by the German consumer organisation, Stiftung Warentest. With this machine, the innovative LatteCrema milk foaming system guarantees perfect, thick foamed up milk. With other models in the range – Autentica and Autentica Plus – users foam up milk in the traditional way, by hand. What all the models in the range have in common is the blend of highest functionality and fine design typical of all De’Longhi products.

The LatteCrema system for perfect foam every time

Different Italian coffee specialities require the milk to be foamed to a different consistency. Sometimes light and frothy, sometimes smooth and silky. Which is why De’Longhi milk foamers have a setting knob on the milk tank that lets you choose the exact kind of foam required. On an Autentica Cappuccino machine, the LatteCrema milk foaming system generates the right milk foam at the right temperature automatically by adjusting the flow of stream, milk and air. The new function “Milk Menu” also offers coffee lovers a quick and uncomplicated choice of coffee specialities, from latte macchiato, café latte to a trendy flat white. The separate cappuccino button produces a delicious cappuccino without more ado. The LatteCrema system stands for easy cleaning and rigorous hygiene – with the AutoClean function, the foam nozzles and the tubes leading to them are flushed out automatically with hot steam and hot water. For more intensive cleaning, the milk tank can be easily detached and washed in your dishwasher. The detachable milk tank is designed to fit easily into the shelves on your fridge door, so that the milk is kept hygienically cool between uses. It goes almost without saying that you can also use your coffee machine to make tea and other hot drinks – there’s a separate hot water nozzle for this purpose.

Enjoy an energy boost with the new Doppio+ function

The new Doppio+ and Long functions, available on all the machines in the Autentica range, offer even more choice on the coffee front. If your energy sags during the day and only a good strong espresso will do, then these machines are for you. Simply process the Doppio+ button and you get a double espresso, twice as strong as a conventional espresso and brewed more intensively. Fans of filter coffee don’t come too short either – the Long function produces just the traditional coffee they like. It’s made in a boil-and-brew process and at the touch of a button. You can have it mild and milky or strong, black and hot as sin. It’s never been easier to enjoy coffee exactly as you like it – with the Autentica range of coffee machines.

Then there are all the other advantages that are typical of all De’Longhi products. For example, all Autentica models can be used with ground coffee or with coffee beans. The integrated grinder can be set to any of 13 fineness grades to deliver different aromas. The container that holds the coffee beans closes so tightly that their freshness is absolutely guaranteed. And, like the milk foamer, the low-maintenance brewing unit can be simply detached and rinsed under running water.

Despite the many functions and the carefully engineered details, the coffee machines in the Autentica range are only 19.5 centimetres wide, making them among the slimmest and most compact in their category. This means that there’ll be space for a coffee machine in even the smallest kitchen. And there’s no need to do without style and good design either. With their clear lines and streamlined elegance, Autentica machines are great examples of De’Longhi design – the outsides compact, the insides complex and sophisticated. They are truly authentic.

More information about De’Longhi at www.delonghi.com.
Source: crossrelations brandworks GmbH