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Baking together gives children and parents
more shared time

One delightful place to be while the afternoons are still chilly is busy in a cosy, warm kitchen. It’s somewhere children love to be and when you add to that spending creative time with one or both parents you have a winning combination. According to the “Children’s barometer”, a survey funded by a big German building society, many children would like to spend more time with their parents and especially baking and/or cooking together. Almost all children love to bake – whether they’re making cookies, buns or cakes doesn’t really matter – but the element of play has to be there too. The Kenwood Chef Sense makes this feeling possible; it’s so easy to use, so powerful and versatile that any type of dough, mixture or icing is ready in a trice.

An important aspect of baking together is looking forward to enjoying the end result. Children like to measure the ingredients and stir or knead the mixture. A Chef Sense is especially safe for children – the safety system stops the mixing process immediately the arm is lifted. With no worries about safety, parents and children can all relax and enjoy the fun of baking.

But maybe time is short and you’re impatient for results – that’s no problem for a Kenwood Chef Sense. An illuminated control dial lets you set eight speeds steplessly, from a soft start to full speed, there’s also an extra slow fold function and a pulse setting for a quick blast of power. There’s the right attachment for every task – the K beater for mixing ingredients, the balloon whisk for light and foamy mixtures or the dough hook for heavy yeast dough or dry biscuit dough.

The stainless steel mixing bowl has an inside scale in litres, fluid ounces and cups for easy measuring of ingredients. In addition to baking, a Chef Sense performs wonders when you’re doing other cooking too, thanks to a Thermoresist glass blender jug and a huge choice of optional attachments for operations like mincing, peeling potatoes or crushing berries. It makes light work of culinary delights such as hot soups, homemade pasta, creamy tiramisu or icy fruit sorbets.


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Source: crossrelations brandworks GmbH