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Bodum is offering a pretty and practical set for
Christmas baking

Bodum has packaged all the utensils you might need for baking Christmas biscuits and muffins in a new Christmas baking set. It’s on the market in a choice of festive red or cream from November 2013.

The set includes the Bistro mixing bowl in the 4.7-litre size, winner of a red dot design award, also the Bistro whisk and measuring-spoon set and six silicone muffin cases. In Germany the set sells for 39.90 euros (recommended retail price). All the parts of the set are harmonised in design and colour.

Recyclable BPA-free plastic

Bodum mixing bowls feature an anti-slip rubber coating on the handle and a ring around the base. The secret of their success are the small rubber knobs strategically positioned around the outside of the bowl ensuring that it will be firm and stable in any position during mixing. By contrast with many other mixing bowls, Bodum’s Bistro mixing bowls are made of recyclable BPA-free plastic, making a real contribution to a more healthy environment. The Bistro whisk is manufactured on similar principles: it’s made of nylon and silicone, so that it won’t scratch the mixing bowl or cooking pots. The thick, tactile silicone layer gives the user a good non-slip grip. All the Bistro measuring spoons in the set are strung on a practical ring. There are four measuring spoons to measure a ¼, ½ and 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon. The six silicone muffin cases are really practical because they don’t need greasing and they can be used again and again. They are around 6.7 cm diameter can be used at temperatures between -30 and +200 °C.

There’s more information at: www.bodum.com