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Christmas baking with GEFU

Christmas baking becomes as easy as child’s play with these kitchen tools by GEFU, which mean that bakers large and small can proudly present their home-made vanilla crescents, spritz biscuits and other varieties at the drop of a hat.

Egg-yolk separator: You’ll never say
“Oh bother” again!

Now there will be no more “egg-separating disasters”! The egg-yolk separator by GEFU separates yolks and whites perfectly and easily. Simply set the separator on a glass or similar container, crack the egg on the edge of the separator and let it slide into the hollow in the middle. The egg white will flow into the glass and the yolk remains in the hollow. The egg separator is an essential aid when preparing dough or whisked egg whites. It is finished to the highest standard and is very stable and dishwasher-safe.

BECKY kitchen paintbrush: always ahead
of the pack

BECKY, the kitchen paintbrush by GEFU, is suitable for glazing cakes and biscuits. Its nylon bristles not only ensure a fine, even coating; they also have the advantage that they do not fray or lose hairs which then become stuck to the surface. A refined and practical touch is the non-slip lip which prevents possible drips on the work surface, because BECKY can simply be leaned up against a container without slipping. And last but not least the 25-mm-wide kitchen paintbrush has a handle of ABS plastic which makes it hygienic, tasteless and of course easy to clean in the dishwasher.

EXACT rolling pin: baking like the professionals

The rolling pin automatically ensures that the pastry is rolled out evenly. It rolls accurately across the entire piece of dough (up to a max. dough width of 250 mm) and at any desired height between 2‒8 mm. Just twist the millimetre markings on the side of the rolling pin, take hold of the handles and roll out. The special Ilay non-stick coating ensures that no dough remains stuck.

COOKIE biscuit press: popular variety

Avoid boredom at all costs! The aluminium kitchen equipment permits an exact portioning of the dough directly on the baking sheet. The absolute baking highlight are the 20 motif punched discs and the four piping nozzles of ABS plastic. Here you have unlimited possibilities for biscuits and decorations.

Functionality, design and quality

GEFU repeatedly surprises with unusual ideas and innovations for creative, modern cooking. One thing is certain: all those who decide on kitchen equipment from GEFU can be sure that functionality, design and quality join together to create a perfect combination. GEFU products never fail to delight those who use them with their high-quality processing, easy use and a certain style which means that these products always appeal to all baking artists large and small.


Further information and products under: www.gefu.com