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Text Perfectly cooked – thanks to Bluetooth
and Smartphones

The digitalisation of daily life is something we accept as the new normality. More and more people check the internet for recipes while they cook. So why not apply networked communication to the cooking process itself? This is what engineers at Kuhn Rikon thought when they set about developing the DUROMATIC® Comfort pressure cooker, another milestone in the 115-year history of the company. With the Swiss-made magic pressure cooker you can cook almost on autopilot in smartphone mode. And you don’t even have to be in the kitchen while you’re cooking.

In the past, the main arguments against using pressure cookers have been that they are too complicated and impossible to control precisely. But this is history, because Kuhn Rikon’s DUROMATIC® Comfort pressure cooker, sets completely new standards. This new pressure cooker has an integrated temperature sensor and Bluetooth control and it tells you – in real time via an app – exactly what to do next. You can also use the app to access any number of delicious menu suggestions that are guaranteed to succeed. You simply select a recipe, such as risotto Milanese in 7 minutes, pot roast veal with mushrooms or a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cakes, and then you follow the precise step-by-step instructions in the app. Finally, you press the blue knob, close the lid and off you go! The sensor inside the lid communicates in real time with your smartphone or tablet and signals when the temperature needs to be adjusted and when the food is ready. In the meantime you can be chatting with your guests or relaxing on the sofa. But you always have total access to the cooking process. At the end of the process there’s a perfectly cooked meal.

In addition to the digital recipe collection, the DUROMATIC® Comfort app also includes a cooking-time list for over 70 foods. As soon as you select a foodstuff, the app automatically calculates the cooking time and how much water you need to use. Once you’ve put the ingredients and the water in the pressure cooker, you simply put the lid on, activate Bluetooth communication by touching a button and then you can relax and do something else. You can use the DUROMATIC® Comfort to cook anything – lentils, cabbage, root vegetables, meat and fish. And for any cooking process – from boiling to steaming and simmering – and to make any dish, from stews and soups to pot roasts. Anything goes, even slow cooking and sousvide cooking! Other benefits include the speed with which the food is ready, energy savings of up to 70% and the fact that vitamins are largely retained.

The DUROMATIC® Comfort app is free to download from May 2015 in the app store, with all updates and (recipe) extensions for iOS and Android devices (from iOS 8 and Android 4.3).

The products from the DUROMATIC® Comfort range are also available from May 2015 in selected kitchenware stores or online in the Kuhn Rikon webshop at www.kuhnrikon.com

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