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New cooking equipment 3-ply Plus by Le Creuset

For decades cooks have been sizzling, braising and simmering food in the cast-iron roasting pans by Le Creuset. The colourful enamelled high-quality signature cookware by the French premium manufacturer radiates warmth and emotions. These sensuous attributes have now also been transferred to the new 3-ply Plus cookware series made of high-gloss multi-layer material. The Le Creuset brand is instantly recognisable at first glance: the pan lids of the cookware are adorned with the characteristic three rings in reference to the cast-iron series. Both the prominent knob on the lids and the understated handles have been adapted too.

In addition to the attractive design, the saucepans and frying pans – which are manufactured in Europe – are examples of the top quality of the “3-ply” multi-layer material. It is perfect for all keen amateur chefs and Le Creuset fans who value high-quality cookware. But what makes a sauté pan, a saucepan or a frying pan in this material so remarkable? “3-ply” refers to the three layers. The inner layer of the cookware consists of 18/10 stainless steel, and the outer layer is made of chrome steel. In between is an aluminium core which quickly absorbs the heat through the base and transfers it directly to the walls. The special material mix produces excellent cooking and frying results; it is robust, long lasting and suitable for induction stoves.

These premium qualities also apply to the “3-ply Plus” non-stick sauté pan with its higher sides. Risotto, braised vegetables, omelette and goulash are child’s play. The lid has an easy-to-grasp knob and sits low on the pan, thereby preventing the evaporation of liquids. Le Creuset offers a 30-year guarantee on the robust non-stick layer – as indeed it does on all other products in this line. And best of all: in 2014 the “3-ply Plus” sauté pan was singled out to receive the prestigious “Red Dot Award” for its exclusive design quality.

The three professional pans in the form of saucepans are ideal for the preparation of sauces, soups or dishes like rice pudding or polenta. The round Le Creuset logo on the ergonomic handle also serves as an optical and haptic protection.

Fish can be gently fried in the “3-ply Plus” frying pan with non-stick coating in three different sizes. The delicate protein-rich foodstuff can be fried to perfection either whole or in fillets, and can be easily lifted away from the bottom of the pan. The “3-ply Plus” pasta saucepan with a sieve insert is ideal for pasta al dente or for healthy braised vegetables cooked in a small quantity of water.

With this high-quality new cookware series Le Creuset demonstrates once again its competence in the field of kitchenware and cooking.

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