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Fast work in the kitchen…

New products from GEFU are sure to score high marks with all home bakers, especially if they’re in a hurry. Depit cherries and produce loads of biscuits in double-quick time with these efficient kitchen tools designed to make baking totally easy and produce brilliant results!

DROPIO cherry stoner

GEFU’s cherry stoner depits small quantities of cherries for cakes and desserts in next to no time. There’s no complicated set-up process as there is with other model. This cherry stoner works like a tacker and its toothed ram pushes the stones out of cherry after cherry. It also stones olives very efficiently. You simply drop a cherry (or olive) into the holder, press and it’s done. If you want decorative cherries complete with their stalk, you simply place the stalk in the slit allowed for it. A DROPIO is made of high quality stainless steel and plastic, it’s dishwasher safe and can be locked closed for safe storage.

DROPIO plum stoner

The plum stoner works like the cherry stoner; you simply drop a plum into the holder, press, and the plum is ready for use in a cake, a tart or a dessert. The plum stoner is dishwasher safe and can be locked for safe storage.

Granny’s piping nozzles

Take one batch of cookie dough and pipe it onto a baking sheet using a variety of different-shaped nozzles – the result is a fascinating plate of cookies in all sorts of shapes. GEFU makes this solution easy by offering stainless steel inserts for its size 5 and size 7/8 mincers. Create stars, wave shapes and zigzags by simply selecting the insert you want from the six available, inserting it into the nozzle and squeezing out the dough. The size 5 inserts will also fit KitchenAid mixers. And they’re all dishwasher safe.

EXACT rolling pin

At last, a rolling pin  that will roll the dough to the exact thickness you want! All you do is to set the thickness (between 2 and 8 mm) by turning the end section until you see the millimetre thickness you want. Then you’ll be able to roll a piece of dough (max. width of dough 250 mm) evenly to the thickness you set. The special Ilay non-stick coating makes sure that no dough sticks to the roller.

Functionality, design and quality

GEFU is always good for surprises and new ideas for unusual tools and innovative gadgets for a creative, contemporary kitchen. Choosing a GEFU kitchen tool or gadget means choosing the perfect combination of functionality, good design and quality manufacturing. GEFU products are durable, thought through to the last detail and ultra-easy to use. And – like these products for home bakers – they have that certain something that turns users into artists in the kitchen.


More information and products at www.gefu.com