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The easy way to make homemade dumplings
and other culinary delights

You just cannot beat the flavour of homemade dumplings. They are quick and easy to prepare, and using the appropriate GEFU culinary tools can make things even simpler.

TRI STAR Potato and spaetzle press

The sturdy TRI STAR potato and spaetzle press is ideal for making dumplings. Professional-style usage and a wide variety of possible applications are guaranteed by the three exchangeable discs featuring different hole sizes. This useful trio consists of a 2.5 mm disc for pureeing potatoes, vegetables and fruit; a 3 mm disc for making long spaetzle noodles and spaghetti-style ice cream; and a special disc for making spaetzle noodles that look as though they have been made using the traditional scraping technique. The discs fit snuggly into the press and can be quickly and conveniently exchanged. Just place them in the dishwasher after use to clean them.

Potato-straining pouches

Those who want to make their own rösti and dumplings should definitely use GEFU’s potato-straining pouches. Just place the freshly grated potatoes into the little pouch made of pure cotton and squeeze them to remove as much excess water as possible, catching the drips in a bowl. Then shape the grated potato into balls of the required size and cook in simmering water. The potato-straining pouches can be washed in the washing machine.

Straining cloth/dumpling cloth

The cotton cloth measures 75 x 62 cm and is ideal for making dumplings. It can also be used to remove excess liquid easily from berries and other types of fruit.

Functionality, design and quality

GEFU is the perfect choice for those who are – and those who aspire to be – culinary artists. Their design, high-quality finish, ease of use and a certain je ne sais quoi make GEFU kitchen tools the choice of connoisseurs.


For more information and products, visit: www.gefu.com