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Surprisingly different!

Spaghetti iced muffins, ice-scoop cake pops or whoopie pies filled with vanilla icecream – almost anything goes with ice-cold baking! Especially trendy mini-sized baked goods  can be varied easily to create refreshing taste treats to suit summer temperatures. Kaiser Creativ products are invaluable for relaxed experimentation – they guarantee maximum fun and a perfect result every time.

There are the 12-cup mini-donut baking tray, the 12-cup cake bar baking tray and the classic muffin shapes. The youthful range from Kaiser offers a huge choice of baking tools for flexible production of  mini-bundt cakes, cake pops & Co. Whether you choose a push-up container set, the CroRing cutters or a deco set, you can be sure that you'll delight your family and friends. Imaginative baking trays and accessories for creating ice-cream-filled cakes and icy toppings let you wow your guests at parties with exquisite mini cakes and pies.

And while we're talking about seasonal baking, remember that the cake bar baking tray is absolutely perfect for making typical summer specialties. For example, halve some finished cake bars, spread a cream-cheese-lime-elderflower cream on the smooth surface of each, add some slices of fresh mango, pop the second half back on and put them into the fridge until your guests arrive. The only thing that could taste more of summer are some multilayer push-up cakes topped with fresh berries!

More information and products at www.kaiser-backform.de.


Source: Blies Public Relations GmbH