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Good tools make cooking easier – and the
results better

Pans have their downsides. The relatively low rim means that spills are a frequent occurrence. The scoops and spatulas in GEFU's La Linea series don't merely look good, they're totally practical and useful in preventing small mishaps. Their well-designed shapes make for easy working and excellent results. They'll withstand temperatures up to 210 °C (250 °C for the CERCHIO spoon) – and they look elegant hanging on your wall rack when not in use.

FONDO ladle and scoop

The FONDO is two helpers in one. Using it as a ladle, you can share out stews and soups in perfect portions. With the flat front of the ladle, you can effortlessly scoop leftovers out of pots and pans. A clever solution for your kitchen. There's a hole in handle so that you can hang it up ready for use at any time on the GEFU utensil rack.

DESTRO spoon spatula

The especially flat spatula with sturdy edges is ideal to scoop up slices of meat or stir-fried vegetables. And even turning omelettes – that can so often go wrong – becomes simple and easy. There's a hole in handle so that you can hang it up ready for use at any time on the GEFU utensil rack.

CERCHIO cooking spoon

This GEFU®FLEX cooking spoon is ideal for tasting and stirring of sauces soups etc. Due to its material combination of silicone and nylon this spoon is very stable and nevertheless flexible. It leaves no scratches in pots and pans as many cooking spoons do. No matter what profile the sides of the pot or pan form, the CERCHIO reaches everywhere. It's a brilliant multifunctional spoon for daily use.

Functionality, design and quality

GEFU is always good for surprises and new ideas for unusual tools and innovative gadgets for a creative, contemporary kitchen. Choosing a GEFU kitchen tool or gadget means choosing the perfect combination of functionality, good design and quality manufacturing. GEFU products are durable, thought through to the last detail and ultra-easy to use. And they have that certain something – you just have to consider the La Linea range from GEFU.

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