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If it’s well presented and varied, even the first meal of the day can go off without a hitch. Children and adults alike will be set up for the day, able to concentrate and full of energy.

The basics: All you need are delicious breakfast ingredients and a table or counter at which to serve up your morning dose of energy. Not forgetting comfortable chairs, so that everyone can relax at breakfast time.

The modern breakfast area

Cosy, comfortable, a good way to put a smile on your face: an extension table for three people. Chair covers that match the cabinet front panels perfectly.

It’s no longer the case that the idea of having a dining area within the kitchen is simply brushed under the carpet (or table!). Open-plan living spaces are becoming more and more popular in the field of modern housing construction, with a table and chairs usually being positioned at the centre of the cooking-eating-living triangle. Even in older buildings with small kitchens, an increasing number of people are on the look-out for a little corner in which to sit down – and they are turning their ideas into reality. People want a kitchen with a cosy feel and it’s also important to integrate the dining area into the room as a whole.

A kitchen breakfast area can be designed to be as individual as you are. If you have small children in your household, a dining table is preferable to a counter, which you could only sit at on tall bar stools – it goes without saying that little ones are much safer sitting on conventional chairs, which are also better for them from an ergonomic point of view.

Choosing chairs is not always a straightforward business. A well designed chair is not simply made of two flat boards: it has a lumbar support in the backrest, a curve that fits the S shape of the spine and supports it during sitting.

Practical and chic

Elegant extension table integrated into the “Chic” range. Extension tables are an excellent design option. They are mounted on the side of a kitchen island, the final unit in a row of cabinets or the wall. The tabletop can be as long as the available space allows.

If the extension table is attached to a base unit, it should not be any wider than the unit itself; otherwise, you will end up with the corners of the table jutting out, just waiting to be walked into.

If the extension table is mounted on the wall, this restriction does not apply. This type of fixture really lends itself to attaching one or two shelves on the wall above the table.

Source: www.designlines.de

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