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Safety first: The Cuisipro Cut-Protection Glove for
cutting-edge cooking

It’s time to sharpen the blades. The Cuisipro brand has produced the perfect accessory for those who always have to get out a big box of plasters when they start chopping and slicing in the kitchen: the Cuisipro Cut-Protection Glove for ultimate (injury-free) enjoyment in the kitchen.


The days when every grater and every mandolin required a special safety holder or vegetable gripper are over. The new Cuisipro Cut-Protection Glove is the universal solution for every culinary task involving a blade.

Made of extra-durable HPPE (high-performance polyethylene) combined with high-quality glass fibre and nylon, this useful glove provides excellent protection (Category 5 cut resistant) when slicing and grating cucumbers, tomatoes or even parmesan, and when using a knife to cut all sorts of other fresh ingredients – down to the last little piece of vegetable. The fitted fabric makes it easy to hold even small bits of ingredients to be chopped.

The Cuisipro Cut-Protection Glove is available in “one size fits most” and can be cleaned after use in the washing machine or dishwasher. Thanks to the distributor PROFINO it is available from local specialist shops as well as online.


Those who are also looking for the perfect grater will find a selection of innovative products – from small travel-size versions to big box graters – in the Cuisipro range.