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HANDMADE IS BEST. This applies as much to coleslaw as to knives. It’s one of the reasons why German TV chef Sarah Wiener, who insists on the best ingredients processed with care, came to Pott with her ideas for better knives. Pott not only symbolizes good design, but also traditional production. Every Sarah Wiener knife is produced by Pott craftsmen in 90 manual steps. They’re made from the highest-quality materials and the manufacturer works hand in hand with the chef and tests them in her kitchen.

The 9-part knife range, with hand-forged blades of molybdenum/vanadium steel and handles made of plum wood, reflects Sarah Wiener’s concerns for quality, committed craftsmanship and the use of sustainable materials. They are unique in the way they sit beautifully in the user’s hand and move as one with it. It’s the result of a striving for perfection and obsessive attention to detail. The range includes not only familiar knife types like bread knives and cooking knives, but also some special sizes that Sarah Wiener has missed in her daily cooking activities.
Sarah Wiener is German television’s most celebrated woman cook and the well-known face of Sarah Wiener GmbH, a company that has built a reputation throughout Germany. It caters for exclusive events and operates three restaurants in Berlin. These are the “Kaffeehaus” in the Museum for Communication, “Sarah Wiener” in the converted Hamburger Bahnhof and the “Speisezimmer” in Berlin Mitte.

The new knife range is also used in the cookery school “Die Küche” run by the Speisezimmer restaurant. In addition to all these activities and writing several cookery books, Sarah Wiener also heads up the Sarah Wiener Foundation “Balanced Nutrition for Healthy Children”.

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