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Vegetable preparation made easy

Vegetables, including potatoes, used to be served as side dishes, but nowadays they’re often served as a main dish and a real culinary highlight. It’s no wonder, because the choice of vegetables and potato types is now huge. And there are new kitchen tools from GEFU that make preparing vegetables totally easy.

Rösti grater: for perfect potato and vegetable

The new Rösti grater made by GEFU is a truly universal grater. High-strength Japanese steel makes short work of any grating task – from potatoes to cucumbers, carrots, courgettes and aubergines. This is just what you want for vegetable fritters, the well-known Rösti. And there’s more to the grater! The very sharp teeth on the reverse of the grater are ideal for grating ginger, apples or lemon rind and they’ll turn vegetables and fruit into a puree that’s perfect for making dips and toppings for your Rösti – and for anything else. With its ergonomic plastic handle the grater sits snugly in your hand and makes it easier to use. And naturally it’s dishwasher safe.

RUSTICA wire potato grater: for the smoothest
potato fritters

This grater looks totally simple, but it’s very effective for preparing delicious German potato pancakes. By grating the potatoes over the 1 mm tin wire you get an exceptionally fine and smooth potato batter – which turns into perfect potato pancakes. Eat them with apple puree in the traditional way or with salad or smoked salmon instead. Wash the grater in your dishwasher.

VITALA vegetable scoop: makes moving chopped
vegetables easy

Every cook who has tried to move chopped vegetables or herbs from the chopping board into the pan and lost some of them en route will be delighted with GEFU’s new VITALA vegetable scoop. It’s made of high quality stainless steel. The raised sides and back make sure nothing falls off, so that everything lands in the pan where you want it. Of course, you can also use it to scoop up chopped meat or cheese. And when you’ve finished, simply pop it in the dishwasher.

Functionality, design and quality

GEFU is always good for surprises and new ideas for unusual tools and innovative gadgets for a creative, contemporary kitchen. Choosing a GEFU kitchen tool or gadget means choosing the perfect combination of functionality, good design and quality manufacturing. GEFU products are durable, thought through to the last detail and ultra-easy to use. And they have that certain something that turns users into artists in the kitchen.


More information at: www.gefu.com