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Spin your lettuce dry by moving a ratchet
lever to and fro

Everyone knows that salads are not just for vegetarians and calorie counters; lettuce and other salad leaves contain such a lot of antioxidants and magnesium as well as plant substances useful to your health that everyone ought to be eating the stuff. In any case, a generous bowl of salad really fills you up. There’s a huge choice of salad leaves, from lettuce, rucola, lollo rosso or endive to all sorts of more exotic-sounding leaves. Another benefit is that a salad is quickly prepared – especially when you use the new ratchet handle salad spinner from Kuhn Rikon.

Getting the moisture out of washed salad leaves is hard work. So the product development team at Kuhn Rikon set about developing a mechanism that required far less effort. They combined Kuhn Rikon’s innovative ratchet mechanism – already operating successfully in tools like spice grinders and cheese graters – with our salad spinner. Now all you need to do is move the ratchet lever to and fro and your salad leaves or berries will be dried gently and perfectly in seconds. It’s never been so effortless!

There are two stop buttons which instantly stop the spinning motion. The bowl is antislip and because it’s made of impact- and scratch-resistant plastic it will stay looking good for ages – and smart enough to serve from. With a diameter of 26 cm there’s ample space for a generous salad. On the other hand, the spinner won’t take up too much space in your cupboard.

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