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Konjak, wonder root from Asia

Slendier, the leading Australian quality brand for plant-based and certified organic pasta, is now available in Germany.

What’s so special about Slendier?

  • Slendier is organic, high-fibre and purely plant-based pasta
  • In natural, mineral salt solution and purified water – without chemical additives and bleach
  • In pyramid stand-up cardboard package
  • Best price/content ration for 250 g certified organic konjak pasta
  • Produced in a family-run company
  • Certified production facilities

How it all started

Originally from Japan, Mai V. Haven quickly became aware that in her Australian homeland, people needed a better choice of healthy and low-calorie foodstuffs. Her husband Ray had had no success with loosing weight on conventional diets. Mai began cooking with konjak, a root vegetable that she was familiar with from her mother’s kitchen. After just three months on a konjak-based diet, Ray had lost ten kilos without ever feeling hungry.

“My husband had always had problems with his weight. But then I remembered this wonder vegetable from Japan. It’s called konjak and to help him eat less, I began to cook with konjak pasta. This gave me the opportunity to create a range of different dishes. And more important, my husband loves this alternative to traditional pasta. After a meal he wasn’t hungry and he felt good. This success inspired me to start up my own business.”

Certified production facilities

Slendier products are produced to the most rigorous quality standards in Shenzhen, China, an area that is known for its clear, high quality and state-monitored water. Water is important in Slendier production. The company is certified to the highest international product quality standards. Mai and Ray are on-site regularly to monitor production quality and to drive ahead with further product development.

What is Slendier? Vegan, organic, low carb

Slendier are precooked pasta shapes made of konjak, an Asian root vegetable. By contrast to gluten-free pasta, which often has more calories than conventional pasta, Slendier has only 10 calories per 100 g and around 95% fewer calories than normal white wheat pasta. Slendier is free from gluten, fat, sugar, milk, egg and soya, so it’s also suitable for vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The high fibre content also contributes to its health benefits.

The texture and neutral taste of Slendier are in line with its vegetable origins. Because of the swelling capacity of the fibres, this is a food that quickly satisfies hunger and it’s a perfect base for sauces, vegetables and meat dishes. It’s ideal for healthy, low-calorie diets and also for diabetics and for people with food allergies such as coeliac disease.

What is konjak?

Konjak is a root vegetable with a high content of soluble roughage, known in Asia for hundreds of years as a “wonder food”. It’s grown in China, Japan and South East Asia. The plant needs the Asian climate and the altitude (from 500 m above sea level) to flourish. It can be harvested after three years. The root is dried, ground up and formed into a doughy mass that can be formed into pasta. In Japan, the noodles are called shirataki noodles (Japanese for “white waterfall”) and they look like thick glass noodles. They’re made of water and konjak flour and they contain zero carbohydrates and vanishingly few calories (2 to 5 kcal per 100 g).

More information and a lot of recipes at www.slendier.com.

Source: Text & Kommunikation Petra Schönfeld