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It’s widely accepted that a glass of red wine of an evening and regular exercise are good for your health. But did you know that the colour of your food also plays a role?

A glass of the red stuff

It’s long been known that moderate amounts of red wine are good for your heart and circulation. The reason is that phenols (organic compounds) in red wine can neutralise free radicals and so protect blood vessels against damage. That’s one reason why an evening glass of red wine is good for you, but did you know that it’s also a weapon against prostate cancer? The polyphenols in the wine slow down the multiplication of cancer cells. But don’t forget – we’re talking about a glass, not a whole bottle!

Beer in moderation

An occasional glass of beer can also have beneficial effects on your health – as long as you drink it in moderation and not in huge quantities. It’s thought that two glasses of pils a day cover 30 percent of your folic acid requirements. And the magnesium in beer protects you against gall stones. To make the most of the health benefits of hops and malt, alcohol-free beer is a good choice.

Colour is key

The flood of nutritional advice from all sides can be confusing. It might help to remember that the colours green, red, yellow and orange are good for you. Naturally not in the shape of jelly babies, but as vegetables and fruit. If you regularly eat sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, melons and oranges, you are maximising your intake of carotene. Research has shown that carotene, a plant pigment related to vitamin A, reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Keep moving!

Doing sport three or four times a week, or getting into training for the next city marathon, is clearly good for you. But it can be just as important to keep moving in small ways. Run up the stairs instead of taking the lift or standing on the escalator, for example. You have the choice in almost every bigger building and underground station. Or why not take up yoga instead of high-performance sport? While you’re toning up your body and developing your muscles, you can improve your ability to relax and gain inner peace. What more do you want?

Look after your teeth

Decaying teeth and infected gums are ideal breeding places for bacteria. And recent research has shown that these bacteria can damage your heart by causing blood platelets to bind together. Platelet clumping can cause blood clots and inflammations that can ultimately lead to a heart attack. So it’s important to brush your teeth – and even better to floss them as well. And also to see your dentist once a year.

Red wine, yoga and fresh vegetables – staying healthy doesn’t sound so difficult does it?