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The little chocolate balls made from raw
organic chocolate contain “superfoods”
and lots of “love chemicals”

What could be a better pick-me-up during the cold months of the year, when the winter blues are setting in, than the “happiness chemicals” contained in chocolate treats? LOVECHOCK Rocks, small balls of fruits and nuts covered in raw chocolate, contain a plethora of flavonoids and “love chemicals” that conjure up little moments of happiness and enjoyment when they are eaten. They also make wonderful presents to share and give to our loved ones.


A box full of happiness – the LOVECHOCK Rocks are packaged in cheerfully colourful boxes and available in three flavours. The mulberry/hemp-seed flavour combines sweet mulberries with nutty hemp seeds; crunchy almonds and crispy quinoa grains unite with a hint of cinnamon in the almond/cinnamon flavour; and the combination of sweet raisins and tropical coconut makes the raisin/coconut flavour addictive. All three flavours contain the “super fungus” reishi and are covered in raw chocolate. This wonderful combination of raw chocolate, superfoods and reishi is more than just delicious – it also balances the heart and the mind.

Rock your mind – with raw chocolate,
superfoods and reishi

The organic-quality cacao beans are not roasted but instead ground using a low-temperature technique for to make the raw LOVECHOCK chocolate. This means that the slightly bitter flavour and the precious nutrients contained in cacao beans are preserved. Cacao-bean components such as flavonoids (which trigger a sense of elation), tryptophan (which reduces stress and promotes a sense of happiness) and phenylethylamine (which has an invigorating effect) in particular make the body feel relaxed and the heart upbeat. Superfoods including mulberries and cinnamon are good sources of vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. Reishi is “the king of funguses” and has been known in China for thousands of years for its healing effect on body and spirit. It increases “shen”, or spiritual energy, calms the mind, sharpens mental focus and strengthens willpower.


The natural sweetness of LOVECHOCK products is also remarkable: They are sweetened using the dried nectar of the coconut blossom. This nectar contains a lot of flavonoids and minerals and has a low glycaemic-index value, thus keeping blood-sugar levels stable. LOVECHOCK Rocks are also free of milk, soy and gluten.

Little balls of happiness to enjoy and to share

Rocks are perfect for sharing with friends and family. “We would love friends and families to share our raw-chocolate products. What could be nicer than enjoying chocolate with loved ones?” says Laura de Nooijer, founder of LOVECHOCK. As the Christmas season approaches, these cheerfully packaged little chocolate balls are therefore ideal as stocking fillers or as presents underneath the Christmas tree.

LOVECHOCK chocolate is available from organic food shops and health food shops as well as selected online shops: http://www.lovechock.com/de/kopen.html

For more information about LOVECHOCK, visit www.lovechock.com/en and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lovechock

Source: Lovechock