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Many people have no idea that different areas of a fridge are at different temperatures, which by
It’s not only the fridge which has become a great helper over the last few decades, but also the
Drying, smoking and canning. For hundreds of years we have been preserving food to make it last
When we talk about having a well organised household, we don’t only mean stock-keeping, but also
Unlike the best before date, this really is a type of expiry date. Once the use by date has been

Can you imagine a well run home without an organised form of food storage? It’s basically impossible, because food and food preparation are at the heart of our daily domestic chores. So it is really important that you give enough thought to achieving an organised method of stock-keeping.

It goes without saying that to create an efficient system of stock-keeping, you need to be well organised. First of all, you need to ensure that your available supplies are well ordered. Spacious supply cabinets, and larder units in particular, are helpful here, since it is very easy to view their contents and arrange your food as clearly as possible. Pull-out larders have proved particularly successful when it comes to achieving a well organised method of stock-keeping. You can also keep track of your supplies better by putting your food into storage containers with transparent sides, such as those made by Tupperware. It is also recommended to store all your food in one location if at all possible, as this will give you perfectly organised supplies.

So, since your food which needs to be chilled belongs in the fridge, it makes perfect sense to store all your dry foods right next to the refrigerator in a spacious larder unit such as TANDEM or DISPENSA. Unlike standard kitchen drawers, a larder unit gives a really clear overview thanks to its shelf-type design; in addition, the height of the individual trays can be easily and quickly adjusted to your requirements at any time, so you can always store any size of package, even if your regular cornflakes suddenly come with 20% extra free and a larger box to match.

When we talk about having a well organised household, we don’t only mean stock-keeping, but also a good system of food preparation. The focus should always be on using food in a timely fashion and keeping an eye on the shelf life of your supplies. As well as storing food correctly, it also makes sense to check it on a regular basis in order to prevent food becoming spoiled and being thrown out.

An extra tip for organised stock-keeping: it is recommended that you write a “food index” for each storage area and update them whenever you add new food to your stocks. This is particularly useful if you store large quantities of food, of course. You should then stick one index on the pantry itself and one on the freezer, together with pens. It is also helpful to plan a weekly menu; first of all you should consult your supplies and then plan your meals accordingly.

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