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The people at Nolte Kitchens see the kitchen as full-value living space and their products are
The POLARIS company has been part of the Italian furniture industry for over 50 years...
The winners of the German Design Award 2014 have recently been announced. This prestigious award
Every kitchen has some free wall space; for example, the empty space between the wall units and the
Fine white porcelain in clear and distinctive shapes, with not a hint of the superfluous, but

A trend study always experiments with possibilities and ideas. And that’s what Marecucina, the new maritime kitchen concept from Alno, does too. Nautical shapes, colours and materials invite you to experience the kitchen as a room with real personality as never before – and to enjoy some leisure time every single day. Marecucina experiments with new stylistic elements and combines them with a stringent quality philosophy where only the very best will do, just as is the case in shipbuilding. Alno introduced this new concept to the public for the first time at the Eurocucina 2010 in Milan.

The worlds of boat and kitchen building share some essential common ground: a passion for high quality, precise workmanship and expressive individuality. Marecucina from Alno integrates elements such as sails, masts, ship storage solutions, walnut surfaces and chrome-plated decorative inserts into its stylish design. The rounded shapes of base units and work surfaces are reminiscent of an elegant boat pantry, building a bridge between holidays and everyday life. Marecucina expands on two existing Alno components: the seemingly free-floating base units from the Edition Fly range and the front panels from the Alnostar Highline (white) and Alnostar Natureline (walnut) ranges.

Special bracket technology enables the Edition Fly to be mounted on the wall safely and easily. This is a familiar sight for any skipper, since wall mounting is the method of choice on board ship too. The sophisticated, rounded base units of the Marecucina are complemented by the front panels used on the Alnostar Highline and Natureline products.

Both types of panel, one in high-gloss white and the other in a warm, walnut real wood veneer, have no handles, are sleek and, as such, fit into the overall concept perfectly. White and brown are the two colours typically found on and below deck.

But despite its maritime theme, Marecucina is not only attractive to passionate boat enthusiasts. The concept is much more about driving forward the further development of modern living spaces. Marecucina brings home life and outside interests together to create a kitchen that expresses the personality of the owner in a really creative way.

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