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The POLARIS company has been part of the Italian furniture industry for over 50 years...
The winners of the German Design Award 2014 have recently been announced. This prestigious award
Every kitchen has some free wall space; for example, the empty space between the wall units and the
Fine white porcelain in clear and distinctive shapes, with not a hint of the superfluous, but
It was in 1928 that the brothers Alois and Josef Leicht produced the first kitchen buffet in their

Ambient light focuses attention on
special features

The people at Nolte Kitchens see the kitchen as full-value living space and their products are designed to help their customers enjoy their kitchens to the full. Light plays a central role – it can be used to create emotion and atmosphere. In the 2014 season, Nolte Kitchens is launching a new ambient lighting system which opens up a wide choice of design options, for example to light the midway space between wall units and worktop, or inside wall units. With the company’s new MATRIX Art kitchens, the illuminated grip track adds special interest to this feature. In fact it’s a USP for handleless kitchens.

Love this kitchen!

MATRIX Art is Nolte’s answer to the challenge of supplying a technically advanced handleless kitchen where every detail adds to the functionality and enjoyment. Lighting for the top grip track using diffuse LEDs is a brilliant example of this approach. The light profile can be planned to suit the customer. It emphasises the horizontal lines of the kitchen and makes the 25 mm worktop look as if it’s floating. You’ll simply love the look of this kitchen!

Attractive features in the splashback zone

LED rails also work their magic in the splashback zone. Mounted on the wall or just above the worktop they create a huge impact on users and visitors. Installed right under the wall units, the LED wall rail can also work as a rail system to attach accessories such as a universal shelf, a knife block, a paper roll holder and a hook strip or hanging rail. It’s the perfect bland of mood music and functionality.

Vibrant colours in glass splashbacks
as eyecatchers

Streamlined and simultaneously emotion-laden – that’s the new splashback cladding made of glass with power LED lighting. The cladding panels are made of white glass. In the top left corner, there’s a touch sensor for switching the LED system on and off, and for dimming it – technology fans will appreciate this feature! You can set it for anything from providing optimal workplace lighting to creating a special mood. Nolte’s philosophy is to offer something for everyone. So in addition to the white glass splashback cladding, Nolte also offers a total of eleven vibrant colours – from lemon and kiwi to pepper, espresso, lavender or beach. “Spoilt for choice!” just about sums it up. There are also two black and white designs on offer – Forks and Cups. The splashbacks can be supplied with the option of a lighting system, adding an extra layer of livability to your kitchen.

The remarkable lightness of wall units
with LED lighting

New on the market in 2014 will be LEDs for installation on wall unit bottom panels. Lit from below, wall units look lighter and brighter. To add to this effect, Nolte Kitchens is introducing new glass fronts for wall units with either simple flap or lift-up fronts. On the inside, these are not completely coated so that light shines through in a pattern of stripes. The design fronts are available in black and white. With their high-gloss surfaces they harmonise with GLAS TEC PLUS range and with painted fronts.

More information about the products: www.nolte-kuechen.de