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blomus sets new design standards

The German design company blomus is located in Sundern in central Germany. Its products are known for clear, clean shapes and perfect functionality. This year again, blomus was at the Ambiente in Frankfurt showing its latest ranges of accessories for living. Grouped into PURE HOME, PURE TASTE, PURE GARDEN and PURE SPA the new products will meet the high expectations of blomus fans everywhere.

PURE TASTE – designer accessories
for people who enjoy taste treats

Following on the successful launch of the TEA-JAY® on the rocks last year, blomus is now adding new accessories to its iced-tea preparation range. There’s the innovative pestle with the integrated BLEND measuring beaker, for example. Lift off the lid of the measuring beaker and you have the perfect utensil for measuring juice, syrup or liquors to add to your iced tea. The pestle is exactly the right length for crushing limes and lemons for a delicious fruity cocktail.

If you’re entertaining friend on the patio, or in the garden, you’ll relish the idea of making the fruity cocktails right there at the table and the attractive effect as the hot tea runs over the ice cubes and fruit juices. It’s easy to achieve by loading the TEA-JAY® onto the new BLEND tray. The attractive tray has a long, fold-up, stainless steel handle for easy carrying. The length of the handle allows the TEA-JAY® to be  perfectly accommodated on the tray. The long carrying handle means that BLEND adjusts easily to the load for maximum ease of carrying. In addition, there’s space for tea glasses for up to six people. The beautifully designed glasses add to the pleasure of drinking iced tea on a summer’s day. These three accessories for the TEA-JAY® are the result of continued, award-winning partnership with the Flöz design team.

Paul Flowers has won a lot of international design awards and he’s built a reputation for designing high quality, trend-setting home accessories for leading international brands. Working with blomus, he’s created a number of products that reflect his passion for good food and exclusive wines. Paul Flowers’ accessories for the blomus PURE TASTE range carry the distinctive stamp of his know-how combined with the blomus claim to highest quality and functionality. The ALPHA decanting carafe is a must-have for every wine lover. It has a special aeration system which ensures that a good red wine gets enough air to unfold its full aroma. The broad base makes sure of good contact between the wine and the air and gives a Barolo or Nero d'Avola enough space to breathe freely. The precision pourer is extremely user-friendly and virtually rules out drips. There’s an integrated sieve to keep back tartar. The distinctive design combines clear lines and elegance. There’s a dip for your thumb in the organically-shaped glass carafe, which makes it comfortable to hold firmly and to pour accurately. ALPHA adds to the pleasure of a good bottle of wine.

CADDY is another distinctive Paul Flowers design from blomus, this time for storing coffee capsules. The combination of frosted glass and high quality stainless steel is always successful. There’s ample space for all the family’s favourite capsules and the generous opening makes for easy filling and dispensing. Integrated in the lid is a tin for biscuits. CADDY helps to make preparing an espresso or latte macchiato a daily highlight.

More information and products www.blomus.com