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What kitchen owner, regardless of age or lifestyle, is going to say, "I don't need a more
The history of cooking parallels the development of the human race. Our ancestors soon found out
A lot of modern kitchens lack a central unit to store groceries, to parallel the fridge for fresh
Well-planned kitchens today almost always include wall units with lift-up fronts, rather than
Storage space is in short supply in many kitchens. Installing wall units above the worktop is one
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Wood is a way of life

Wood must be the world's oldest renewable raw material. It's also always been a source of energy and warmth. This energy can be felt, seen and smelt the moment you come into contact with this material that is so warm and visually variable. There are virtually no limits to the things that can be designed and made of wood – each generation approaches the creative challenges in a different way. In short, wood is an integral part of our lives and of the places where we live and work.

Rockenhausen is a company that is cultivating a tradition of fine workmanship in designing and manufacturing distinctive organizer systems with exchangable elements for kitchens and living spaces. One area of specialization is veneers and surfaces made of fine quality woods. Rockenhausen supplies hand-crafted elements and systems – from standard items to custom-made series. They are all designed and made with a passion for excellence and with know-how accumulated over many years. The organizer elements for drawers, pull-outs and pull-out trays not only look beautiful, but are made with immense attention to detail and loaded with well-planned functionality. Radiating warmth and energy, practical and beautiful.

Oak and ash are the materials of choice

American oak and European ash are the woods we choose to work with. Because they cover a wide range from pale to dark shades, because they offer any number of combination options and because of the distinctive grains and their outstanding workability. They look wonderful and function perfectly through many years of hard use.

Modular and outstandingly versatile: selecting from the Rockenhausen portfolio of just 21 elements it's possible to create perfect organization in different storage systems – from drawers and pull-outs DISPENSA and DISPENSA junior to wall units and the LINERO MosaiQ splashback system.

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