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The obvious question is whether or not you really need a large work surface in a modern kitchen.
Today, most cooking is done on modern ceramic-glass induction hobs, electric hobs or gas hobs. Hobs
Enjoy your cooking without the backache. it is now widely recognised that it makes good sense to
There are many factors that determine the quality of a kitchen. The kitchen should be well
Kitchen layouts have changed a great deal over the last few decades. Of course, the layout you

Buying a kitchen


Nowadays there are many different reasons why someone may be interested in a new kitchen. On the one hand, there is the desire for comfort and communication, which is coming to the fore in the ever increasing demand for open-plan and island kitchens.


The dining area is right next to or even inside the kitchen and is more important than it once was: it is the place where the family meets and also the place to welcome guests. This is why the dining areas of today are furnished for comfort, with seats that are often as cosy as armchairs. 


On the other hand, natural materials and the idea of “indulgence” play their part when planning a kitchen too. The focus here is often on high-quality products, with a growing trend towards organic materials. There is also interest surrounding particularly indulgent products, such as wine or coffee, which is expressed in the kitchen at special “altars” in the form of wine coolers or coffee machines, for example. 


In addition, there is also the desire for individuality and self-fulfilment, which the kitchen industry is now catering to in a range of different ways. There are kitchens available in every imaginable style; the variety of furniture and appliances on offer is practically never-ending. Kitchen design is comfortingly familiar in an increasingly complex market. Here too, the trend is towards kitchens designed for living with very sleek lines in a minimalist, functional style.