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Kitchen Planning Articles:

The kitchen is often the heart of a home where family members and friends gather and communicate.
Are you planning on buying a new kitchen in the not too distant future? Then you should bear the
In years gone by, food storage was a vital part of running a home. It went without saying that
In the past, the sink was mainly used for washing up. But nowadays this task usually falls to the
The obvious question is whether or not you really need a large work surface in a modern kitchen.

New A30 Trend Report on the clever-storage website

120 kitchen trends over 100 pages for you to download

What's trending in kitchen design this year? Which are the latest colours and materials? What innovations should we be looking out for behind the fronts? Last autumn, the clever-storage editorial team browsed the showrooms and in-house exhibitions along the "A30 Mile of Kitchens" in German East Westphalia, notebooks at the ready, to bring you the very latest trends in everything to do with kitchens. We've gathered the most striking ideas into a 96-page eTrendReport. You can download it here or page through it online.

Over 120 photos chosen from hundreds taken by our photographer in the different kitchen exhibitions, give a comprehensive overview of what's on offer right now. From the comfort of your own chair you'll be able to find out what's new, beautiful, functional and user-friendly in the world of kitchens. There are chapters on "Looks and styles", "Decorative features", "Architecture", "Colours", "Structure", "Light" and "Clever Storage", ie, intelligent fittings behind the fronts. In all these areas, the Trend Report offers valuable support with decisions about your new dream kitchen.