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Major trends at the EuroCucina 2014/2015

Nowhere in the world do kitchen design and furniture design meet in such a concentrated, but simultaneously varied, way as every two years at the EuroCucina. In Milan. This is a huge event with any number of exhibition halls and other venues showing an vast array of stylish and individual designs. Some of the trends are subtle and others clearly point the way to the future for interior design and kitchen fittings.

Creativity and innovation

This year, 357,212 visitors from over 160 countries gathered at the show to explore the power of creativity and innovation evidenced by a large number of kitchen manufacturers displaying their products in Milan. The Clever Storage editorial team was also there, taking an interested and expert look at all the products being showcased at the EuroCucina 2014. We’ve identified and photographed the major kitchen trends for you.

We’ve collected these trends and innovations together in a new Trend Report for 2014/2015. It’s a 176-page full-colour photobook full of new, beautiful and interesting features from the EuroCucina. The Trend Report can be downloaded free as a PDF file (see below).